It's like whatever

Software Projects

What's it like to play with some mainstream markup and programming languages like HTML, CSS, SVG, Javascript and python... What can be done, what's fun, what's a complete waste of time?

Hardware Projects

Maybe maker stuff should go here like 3D printing, Raspberry Pi, woodworking or other? Meantime, checkout some Machining Porn.

Current Events

Significant events happening in the world, right now, draw excitement, mind-space, and web traffic... what's it like to capture some of that data and share it?


Ideas about ideas... still thinking about - thinking about - capturing some of those. The suspense and excitement! In the meantime, here's something about what's good and something about meaning, or, check out some Cabin Porn.


How about meditation, noting, cooking, grooming, yoga, relationships, communication, travel, entertainment...