It's like whatever

What's the meaning of this?

The meaning is the meaning, so make it whatever you want it to be... maybe it's a bunch of stuff that happened and the most durrable of the stuff is still around bumping into each other. Most of the stuff that was ever around, probably isn't around anymore, some of it was probably pretty cool & there will probably be more cool stuff in the future. Some of the new stuff might be so durable and agressive that it eats up everything that's here now, so whatever... eat it, leave it alone, be eaten, or do whatever. Your whatever is your whatever, think of it as you like and take this in if you want, or don't, whatever. The meaning is whatever.

What's Good?

Everything is good. If it exists it's fucking fantastic... everything that happens is exactly happening as it should happen, and if you don't like it and want to do something about it, that's exactly perfect also, so go ahead and do everything, or nothing. Call anything whatever you want and be called the same, any of it is only as good as you enable it to be.

About "It's like whatever"

"It's like whatever", is whatever. Whatever it will be today, whatever it's compelled to be, or is able to be; whatever, whatever. A bunch of frippery. The origin was a challenge to produce a creative outlet with as few barriers as possible, including reducing internal performance & quality pressure... an intentionally vague and aimless solution seemed to fit.